Two of the three Nokia presentations at the LIFT Asia conference are now online.

Raphael Grignani (Nokia Design, USA) talked about how Nokia Design addresses environmental and social issues including recycling, energy and making the benefits of mobile technology available to more people, as exemplified by the Homegrown project.
Presentation (with audio)

Jan Chipchase (Nokia, Japan) explains the trends that will shape the future social, when we will have to evolve new use-practices and put a greater emphasis on communicating our intended use to people in proximity.

Now Adam Greenfield (Nokia Design, Finland) still.


  1. Going mobile is a challenge of choices (despite hullabaloo elsewhere)…

    ESPOO, Finland – Wow. There seems to be a lot going on in the tech world, from gigantic steampunk spiders to thumbs-down for gimmicky ad campaigns to tech dirt being slung around in all directions. But my focus today is…

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