Nokia Research on new potentials for car sharing

Car sharing
Nokia Research has published a short paper by Stephan Hartwig and Michael Buchmann on how mobile communication services can become a next generation ride-sharing tool, with a potential to mitigate traffic- and emission problems in the 21st century.

There are 500+ million privately owned passenger cars worldwide, thereof 236 million in the US. These cars travel in the magnitude of 5 trillion km per year. Let’s assume 2 empty seats per car and a small hypothetical value of only 5 cent per km and per seat, the potential value of empty travelling seats amounts to 500 billion €.

The memo points out that current low popularity of car pooling results from technical constraints rather than lack of attractiveness of ride-sharing as such, and explores how mobile communication services can cross-link supply and demand of these empty seats.

Download paper (pdf, 363 kb, 11 pages)

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  1. […] La Nokia Research ha pubblicato un breve paper realizzato da Stephan Hartwig e Michael Buchmann relativo a come i servizi di comunicazione mobile possano divenire un valido supporto per il car-sharing. Lo scarso successo di questa attività non è da imputare alla mancanza di attrattività dell’idea sottostante, quanto ai vincoli tecnici che con i servizi di telefonia mobile potrebbero essere superati. […]

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