Panoremo, a tool to assess the emotional experience of environments

As part of his Design for Interaction MSc. at the TU Delft, David Güiza Caicedo worked on developing a tool to measure emotional reactions towards “services”: from which an early concept has recently spun-off into a more developed tool to aid in the assessment of emotions towards “physical spaces”.

The tool, now called Panoremo, is meant to collect feedback from users in order to evaluate their emotional reaction towards any sort of physical spaces.

This opens up the door to a plethora of possibilities and applications: evaluating an urban environment to know how people feel about their surroundings (emotions in architecture and urbanism), finding out how people feel about that new interior design that you are developing for a new store (emotions in retail design) or identifying the critical emotional points of a restaurant or of a hotel lobby (emotions in experiential services) are but a few of the examples to think of.

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  1. Very interesting… But i would like a real rating game… Not with tag ou microblogs behing screens, but with real signs in the city. Don’t you ?

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