Philips Research testing prototypes at HomeLab

The new HomeLab allows Philips to test its new home technology prototypes in the most realistic possible way.

The research facility, which is located on the Philips campus in the Netherlands, is essential in speeding up the time-to-market for technological innovation.

Philips researchers carefully watch how tenants are living with these technologies 24 hours a day through tiny cameras, microphones and two-way mirrors that are hidden unobtrusively throughout HomeLab.

According to the scientists who developed Philips HomeLab, being able to study people in their natural home environment for long stretches of time will help them to develop better products, faster. It gives them a true sense of how people are interacting with technology beyond the initial “newness” euphoria, and the test subjects act naturally because they are in a comfortable home setting—not a stuffy laboratory.

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(Photo: Philips)

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