Putting People First content partner of Appliance Design

Appliance Design
Putting People First has become a content partner of Appliance Design, the site of the US-based magazine of the same name that caters to designers and engineers in the global, commercial and medical appliance/durable goods industry.

The partnership is not financial. Putting People First simply selects blog posts that could fit the audience of the Appliance Design site. If you are already following our blog regularly, you don’t have to do anything: these posts are simply part of our regular updates.

This engagement towards Appliance Design is part of Experientia’s overall strategy to share current thinking and practices on user-centered design and experience design, and our commitment to sustainability.

Appliance Design covers durable goods such as HVAC, majors, water processing, housewares, commercial appliances, vending, medical lab, test & measurement, lawn and garden, electronics, computers, communications, and business equipment.

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