Spain’s national obsession with mobiles, texting

Jennifer Woodard Maderazo reports on PBS’s Mediashift blog on the Spanish relationship with the cell phone and “how it has evolved differently from the one in the US for reasons that are clear and others that remain a mystery”.

“Because Spain seemed so much ahead of the U.S. in using mobile for something more than just calls, one would think that media consumption on phones would be the next logical step, but that hasn’t been the case. In 2002, Americans didn’t know what SMS was but in 2008 we are texting, watching videos, reading RSS feeds and even using VOIP on our cell phones. In Spain, most people are doing none of that — but you will see a grandmother shoot off text messages like a teenager.”

Mediashift is a weblog that tracks how new media—from weblogs to podcasts to citizen journalism—are changing society and culture.

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