SVA lectures on service design

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Last night the School of Visual Arts in New York hosted a series of lectures on service design.

“While far more attention is still paid to the design of products, there is an argument to be made that we’ve entered a service economy. It’s not only products that are designable experiences; services are creating new challenges for designers and are increasingly demanding attention. As the line between products and services blurs (if it ever was there before), the emergence of service design has risen to demand a need for new ways of working to make for more meaningful services—whether those services are tangible, intangible, or a combination. Four designers engage in 10-minute discussions about the service sector and its different design challenges.”

Jeff Howard of Design for Service listened in via their live web broadcast and took some notes on the event and recorded a few of the talks. The videos are meanwhile also online.

His summary covers the talks by Jennifer Bove, a principal at Kicker Studio, who “talked about how technology has changed how we think about real-world services”, and Sylvia Harris, an information design strategist an New York City’s “public designer”, who discussed her work for the New York Presbyterian Hospital.

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