“T-shaped” thought key to innovation [The Korea Times]

LG Economic Research Institute
Why have Korean companies failed to create such iconic devices as Apple Computer’s iPod or Motorola’s RAZR despite their technological prowess, asks staff reporter Kim Tae-gyu in The Korea Times.

“The answer by the LG Economic Research Institute to this crucial question is that Korean companies lack “T-shaped people,” or those who have skills and knowledge that are both deep and broad.

The LG institute yesterday made the point while stressing that one of the most important tasks for domestic companies to create mega hit products like iPod or RAZR.

“To innovate … a product and business opportunity, we have to secure insights into both by having an observant and empathetic view of the world,” said Lee Jeong-bae, a senior consultant at the institute.

“Only T-shaped people, who have well rounded personalities and broad interests, can obtain such viewpoints. Sophisticated engineers who do not understand the market and customers will never produce products, which have a shot at becoming a grand slam,” he said.

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  1. […] Sul The Korea Times LG Economic Research Institute spiega il motivo per cui le aziende coreane non sono riuscite a creare prodotti tecnologici simbolo, come l’iPod o il RAZR di Motorola. La causa è l’assenza di persone “T-shaped”, cioè individui con capacità e conoscenze che esulano dalla loro specializzazione, che sono in grado in entrare in empatia con i clienti. […]

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