Technology can best enhance learning when learners are involved in its design

Opening Education
The latest report by UK education innovator Futurelab introduces to the concept of social justice and practices of user-centred design in learning and education, and looks at how theories for changing the world marry up with methods to implement these changes.

The best way to ensure that learners from all sectors of society have real access, without barriers, to a technology-enhanced education is to involve them in the design of educational technologies, suggests a new report from education innovator Futurelab.

The report, ‘Designing for Social Justice: People, Technology, Learning’, raises fundamental questions about who is best placed to make decisions in the design process and questions whether current technologies for learning are meeting the needs of all learners. Instigating debate about the importance of collaboration between learners, educators and technology developers, the report explores the role that digital technologies can play in reducing inequality in education.

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