The future of UX leadership: radical transformation

Jim Nieters and Pabini Gabriel-Petit have started a series of columns that offers insights on how to help companies progress from delivering mediocre user experiences, as is all too common, to producing truly great experiences that differentiate their products and services in the marketplace. Doing so, they say, requires a radical transformation in the way business executives and UX teams engage in creating user experiences.

“This series is not about making incremental improvements to the way UX teams work. It is about taking a different approach and driving radical transformation within organizations. No major changes in history have ever come about by playing it safe. Having said this, all of the ideas that we’ll share in this series have proven effective in one business context or another.

In this first installment of our series, we’ll focus on three main points:
– the problem that UX teams currently confront
– the role that design-driven differentiation plays in business success
– positioning User Experience for success within your organization

Jim Nieters is Senior Director of User Experience for Travel Products at HP, Scotts Valley CA USA

Pabini Gabriel-Petit is Founder and Principal Consultant at Strategic UX Silicon Valley CA USA, and Founder, Publisher, and Editor in Chief at UXmatters

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