The intelligent fridge is neither useful nor desirable

Central Park Fridge
Hubert Guillaud has written again a short analysis on why it makes no sense at all for companies to create something like intelligent fridges.

His main argument is that nobody has any need for such a device.

Although the article itself is in French, much of it was written based upon English-language materials, including this overview of intelligent fridges currently on the market by Mike Kuniavsky, a short article by Nicolas Nova, and the study entitled “User acceptance of the intelligent fridge: empirical results from a simulation” by Matthias Rothensee.

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  1. It’s good to see that people are realising how useless internet fridges are. This is something I wrote about in a pair of blog posts a while ago.

    Hopefully this will mean that companies start building more interesting and useful devices to exploit ubicomp.

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