The relaunch of the Lisbon Agenda and the launch of the 7th Framework Programme on RTD [Bridges, the OST publication]

The main topic in March 2005 was a mid-term review of the ongoing Lisbon agenda, which could lead to a reform of the whole process. It was Europe’s aim to become the most dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economy in the world by 2010, capable of economic growth with more and better jobs, and greater social cohesion.

“This goal is not wrong,” stated Wim Kok, former Dutch PM, in his report at the end of 2004, “but there has to be more focus and rigorous prioritisation.”

The European Commission endorsed this line of thinking, and wants national action programs to be drawn up – including RTD – in order to achieve measurable goals. Instead of the myriad reports “that no one reads” (to quote Commission President Barroso), there will be a single Lisbon report at EU level and one at the national level.

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