The Work Foundation’s iSociety project

The Work Foundation’s iSociety project is a definitive and independent analysis of the impact of information and communications technologies (ICTs) on our everyday lives.

The UK-based project is especially focused on the ways that information and communications technologies (ICTs) are changing life at home and at work, and at how organisations of all sizes can use them more effectively to improve performance and enhance productivity.

The site contains currently eight reports, the most interesting of which (to me) are already a bit older:
You Don’t Know Me, but… Social Capital & Social Software (pdf, 760 kb, March 2003, 68 pages)
MobileUK – Mobile Phones in Everyday Life (pdf, 628 kb, March 2003, 56 pages)
RealityIT – Technology and Everyday Life (pdf, 864 kb, July 2002, 68 pages)

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  1. I believe the iSociety program is no longer active at the Work Foumdation, though the materials are still available.

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