Usability as strategy (or Usability 2.0)

Closed Loop Marketing
“Organizations aiming to tap into the full power of usability are those who are willing and able to utilize it as one of their core principles,” argues Lance Loveday, founder and CEO of Closed Loop Marketing, in a guest column in GotoMedia.

“But this is not for the faint of heart. To be willing to change your entire online marketing approach, and possibly even your business strategy, in response to what your customers tell you they want requires an unwavering belief that a good customer experience will yield good business results. It also requires the ability, and even willingness, to be wrong on occasion.”

“This requires a level of transparency and humility that does not come naturally to most organizations. It takes leaders who believe that focusing on the needs of their users is not just a good thing, but the best thing, for their business.”

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