UX Lx, a user experience conference in Lisbon

Jeroen van Geel and Vicky Teinaki report on Johnny Holland on UX Lx, the international user experience conference that took place in Lisbon, Portugal, May 11-13.

Day One
featuring Whitney Quesenbery, Leah Buley, Andrew Watterson, Susan Dybbs, Stuart Cruickshank, Dan Brown, and Anders Ramsay.

Day Two
featuring Leisa Reichelt, Steve Mulder, Louis Rosenfeld, Ian Fenn, Jeroen van Geel, Jason Masut, and Kevin Chang.

Day Three
featuring Louis Rosenfeld, Christian Crumlish, Stephen Anderson, Kristina Halvorson, Nick Finck, Josh Clark, Dario Buzzini, and Don Norman.

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