Videos online of the anthropology and technology conference

The Anthropology + Technology conference (9 and 12 October, online) brought together pioneering technologists and social scientists from across the globe. Its aim was to facilitate dialogue on emerging technology projects in order to help businesses benefit from more socially-responsible AI (see also earlier post).

Videos (hosted on Vimeo) are now available:

Welcome [09:53]
Dawn Walter, Conference Founder, and Richard Potter, CTO, Microsoft Consulting Services UK.
Keynote address [1:04:53] – Keynote transcript
Nani Jansen Reventlow
Our 2020 keynote Nani Jansen Reventlow will speak to dismantling the systems of racism and colonisation embedded in digital technologies so that, together, we can create a better future for everyone.
FinTech Talks Session #1 [55:19]
Speakers: Anders Kofod-Petersen, Susie Alegre, Erin B Taylor
Topics covered: AI in financial services; personal risk assessments; what kind of financial society do we want to shape.
FinTech Talks Session #2 [58:45]
Speakers: Rachel O’Dwyer, Diana Finch, Ben Breen
Topics covered: Artistic methods for engaging with algorithms; the circular economy and local money; countering inequality in financial services.
FinTech Q&A [58:57]
The six Fintech talks were followed by this 60-minute Q&A session with the Fintech speakers moderated by Anette Broløs.
Health Tech Sessions #1 [53:44]
Speakers: Pearse Keane, Eerke Boiten, Ijeoma Azodo & Rafiah Badat
Topics covered: Using deep learning to identify disease; data privacy and cybersecurity in relation to health data; digital health technologies.
Health Tech Sessions #2 [1:15:23]
Speakers: Martha Dark, Allison Gardner, Kadija Ferryman
Topics covered: Making tech accountable; deploying AI responsibly in health tech; tackling health disparities through data.
HealthTech Q&A [1:00:53]
The six Healthtech talks were followed by this 60-minute Q&A session with the speakers moderated by Melissa Wills and Laura Sobola.
Smart Cities Sessions #1 [1:02:12]
Speakers: Rasmus Thomsen, Lisa Talia Moretti, Phil Harvey
Topics covered: Human-centred design in smart cities; sociotechnical processes to support ethical best practice in tech; humanising data and AI.
Smart Cities Sessions #2 [54:52]
Speakers: Gemma John, Aisha Thomas, Ben Green
Topics covered: Social value and the built environment; why representation really matters in smart cities; the “smart enough” city.
Smart Cities Q&A [55:39]
The six Smart Cities talks were followed by this 60-minute Q&A session with the speakers, moderated by Richard Potter and Catherine Makin.
Session feedback: Socially-responsible AI – challenges and opportunities [56:53]
Our expert Stream Leads will summarise the challenges, risks, and opportunities and facilitate a discussion with conference delegates.
Panel discussion: Socially-responsible AI [54:00]
Our expert Panel – Ivana Bartoletti, Susan Halford, and Sam Shah – will discuss the challenges, risks and opportunities raised and offer their expert views on where to from here. Chair: Reema Patel.