Yahoo! teams with Current TV on viewer created content [Techcrunch]

Yahoo! Current Network
Yahoo! has teamed up with Current TV to launch Yahoo! Current Network, a video site with a mix of profesional and user submitted videos arranged in channels, writes Nik Cubrilovic in Techcrunch.

Current TV is a cable and sattelite channel backed by environmentalist Al Gore that shows short user-submitted shows and segments in what it called ‘viewer created content’.

Yahoo! has been granted the rights to exclusive Current TV content for its video portal, and in return some of the best user submissions to Yahoo! may make it onto the terrestrial Current TV channel.

Current TV have previously made a little-known deal with Google to release Google Current, which was a similar concept though hosted on the Current TV site and servers (what they got from the relationship with the search giant is unclear, other than splashing the companies name throughout the videos).

Back at Yahoo! there are now four channels of Current content (these names are going to get confusing very quickly) – Yahoo! Current Action, Yahoo! Current Buzz, Yahoo! Current Driver and Yahoo! Current Traveler.

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