A slow approach to innovation

Slow Innovation
Using the Slow Food Movement as a metaphor, innovation and creativity expert Derek Cheshire suggests a slow approach to innovation.

“There is immense pressure to innovate quickly or to rush to market, but does this bargain of speed versus quality really benefit a company?”

In a business manifesto for the Change This site, lauds the goal of creating “an innovative company whose structure and culture are conducive to long-term growth and sustainability.” Just a small quote:

“In the world of slow, there will be less waste as there’s time to be more resourceful and to use the materials already available. Because we are in complete control, we are more likely to meet the needs of our diners especially when ingredients can be in or out of season. Finally, we can also use slow dining to improve social interaction within families or other social groupings.”

Download manifesto (pdf, 600 kb, 9 slides)

(via Endless Innovation)

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