Accenture research on user experience

Accenture Technology Labs, the technology research and development organisation within Accenture, is at the intersection of business and technology, exploring the impact of new and emerging technologies on business in the future. Its research in “workforce performance and user experience” explores how emerging technologies can help further enhance the effectiveness of the workforce and drive business performance.

More in particular the “workforce performance and user experience” research focuses on three topics:

Collaboration: Examining how new technologies enhance the way we interact with each other and provide new communication opportunities for project and team oriented work.

Interaction: How businesses and consumers can use new technologies to improve not only the way they interact, but also the content that they share.

Visualisation: Providing new ways to navigate and discover data and information by embedding elements of the virtual world into reality and/or bringing attributes of the real world into a virtual environment.

Click here for videos of prototypes and solutions.


  1. ATL are a nice place to work in! They are the point in which research becomes business value.. A sort of magical country in which the research is paid and made real.

    Mark, why have you posted this now? Any contact in ATL?


  2. Hi Emanuele,
    Thanks for your comment. The only reason why I post things “now” is that I just found the information. Over the last few days I have looked at some corporate sites and posted whatever interesting material I could find.

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