Business Week on the innovation workshops at the Royal College of Arts, London

Helen Hamlyn Centre
“It’s become quite common for companies to sponsor some kind of design-school course, setting the theme or challenge for a semester-long student project and then learning from the final presentations. Companies gain some novel ideas and a chance to spot upcoming talents they might want to hire, while schools are able to put “real world” problems in front of their students.”

“But the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London, the alma mater of such famous designers as Jonathan Ives of Apple and Thomas Heatherwick, offers a different approach, and puts [companies] in touch with Jeremy Myerson.”

“A former design journalist, Myerson now heads up the college’s innovation initiatives, working as the director of both InnovationRCA and the Helen Hamlyn Centre, an independently funded entity located in a mews building within the College’s hallowed South Kensington walls. With an emphasis on inclusive design, the centre’s research associate program pairs new graduates with a corporation, allowing the student to spend a full year focusing solely on a single project set by his matched corporation.”

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  1. […] Il Business Week dedica un articolo ai workshop del Royal College of Art di Londra. Myerson, già giornalista di design, ora dirige le iniziative di innovazione assumendo la carica di direttore di InnovationRCA e del Centro Helen Hamlyn: ponendo enfasi sul design di incusione, gli studenti si dedicheranno per un anno intero su un singolo progetto in collaborazione con l’azienda. […]

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