Debate in Milan: The Long View of Interaction Design

The people behind the upcoming Interaction14 conference invite you to attend a panel discussion in Milan on the “Long View of Interaction Design”.

On Monday 8 April at 6pm (on the eve of the Salone del Mobile), Claudio Moderini, Fabio Sergio, Jan-Christoph Zoels and Todd S. Harple will debate with Alok Nandi on how to design for those interaction design challenges that go beyond the immediate consumer product/service launch cycle.

What if your interaction design has to be integrated in a hospital or a building or a city? How do you design if your creation has to last 10, 20 or even more years into the future? What tools can you use as an interaction designer? How do you make it adaptive and resilient? How to avoid obsolescence?


Attendance: free and open to the public

Location: Domus Academy, via Carlo Darwin 20, Milan (Navigli area)

Live streaming: Yes! The event will be available in streaming live (and recorded for viewing afterwards). Join us on Monday at 6pm Italy time by clicking here.

Hashtag: #ixda

Sponsor in kind: Domus Academy (thank you!)

Disclosure: I am the behind the scenes organizer of it all.


  1. Yes, it will be in English. And yes, the recording will be shared on Vimeo. Also, we are still exploring if we can do streaming and if so, I will update the post.

  2. Is this signup a vehicle for receiving notification of the availability of this panel for those of us who can’t be there? i.e. Will you let me know?

  3. You may assume that it will be on Vimeo. The notification will also be posted on and on Putting People First.

  4. Can you please upload the video after conference? I’m not sure i’ll be able to watch it real time in streaming.
    Maybe you can try creating an Youtube account.

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