EU President Barroso discusses how to boost “social innovation”

Yesterday President Barroso met social innovation experts and stakeholders in Brussels, following a workshop organised by the Bureau of European Policy Advisers (BEPA) on social innovation, reports the European Commission.

“The objective of the meeting was to explore ways to boost the social innovation dimension of the Renewed Social Agenda with which the Barroso Commission has put Social Europe back at the heart of its policies. […]

Social innovation means the design and implementation of creative ways of meeting social needs. It covers a wide field ranging from new models of childcare to web-based social networks, from the delivery of healthcare at home to new ways of encouraging people to use sustainable means of transport. Social innovation can help in the development of better models of eldercare, or in finding new ways to change work and travel habits to cut carbon emissions, or new ways to accompany and support young people in their transition to adulthood.”

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