Experience designers work in the retail industry, says Fast Company

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Experience designers are top of the list in Fast Company’s overview of the “10 Hot Jobs for 2007”. We are also positioned as people who work in the retail industry.

The list, which has been compiled with trend forecasters, “takes a look at 10 of the most sought-after positions in some of the fastest growing U.S. industries”.

Experience designer: These talented individuals work in the retail industry, creating the essence and aura of a store. Experience designers go beyond the look of a place, creating a unique experience in which shoppers can immerse themselves. From cellular boutiques to the American Girl doll store on New York’s Fifth Avenue, the shops created by an experience designer are often considered works of art; mini universes unto themselves. Experience designers are involved in every aspect of creation — from choosing accent colors on walls to slanting the windows in the right direction. The next time you go into a boutique and you feel as if you’ve just had an “experience” — you have, and someone went to a lot of trouble to make you feel at home.”

For further reading on our profession, consult this article.

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  1. […] Gli experience designer ricoprono una posizione di rilievo nella classifica stilata da Fast Company sulle professionalità più richieste del 2007. Nel settore retail, in particolare, il lavoro di queste figure consiste nel creare un ambiente unico in cui far immergere il cliente; una sorta di mini-universo che coinvolge gli utenti in un’esperienza emozionale. […]

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