External expert team helps Philips focus on simplicity [Business Week]

Andrea Ragnetti, Chief Marketing Officer of Royal Philips Electronics, showing the magic brush
“To drive change following a radical restructuring, Philips reckoned it needed a fresh perspective from creative types with no ties to the company. So it formed the simplicity board, a group of specialists in health care, fashion, design, and architecture,” writes Business Week.

Members are British fashion designer Sara Berman, Dr. Peggy J. Fritzsche, a radiology professor in California, Gary Chang, a leading architect in China and MIT’s John Maeda.

“On a practical level, the board is helping Philips rethink what its customers want. For two years, members met for several days every month or two in cities such as Rome, Paris, or New York. Today they no longer meet as a group, but each is on call to help Philips create intuitive, easy-to-use products that meet specific needs.”

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  1. […] Per guidare il cambiamento successivo a una radicale ristrutturazione, Philips ha chiesto l’aiuto di un gruppo di creativi non legati all’azienda. È nato così il “consiglio per la semplicità“, un gruppo di specialisti della moda, della sanità, del design e dell’architettura che aiuta l’azienda a creare prodotti che supportano le esigenze degli utenti. […]

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