International conference on future design and innovation in Denmark

Imagine how many problems around the world we can begin to solve if we use our insight into human needs, combine it with all our available knowledge and technology, and make use of our creativity…

The INDEX: Views Summit, which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmö, Sweden on 25-28 September 2005, believes that new design processes are an invaluable tool for such “human centred innovation”. The purpose of the conference is to show how we can use these potentials of design – and to inspire the participants and other representatives from business, government and society to develop new designs that improve human life.

INDEX: Views summits 30 international creative leaders – prominent innovators, creative thinkers and leaders in e.g. design & architecture, research & development, business & society.

In conjunction with the event, two exhibitions are taking place, including one on future scenarios.

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