Jan-Christoph Zoels
The other Experientia workshop at LIFT was Lifestream – Visualizing my data.

The workshop, which was completely packed, was run by Willem Boijens, Vodafone, and my business partner Jan-Christoph Zoels, Experientia, and set out to explore large quantity information visualization.

Boijens and Zoels started off with an introduction of insights, challenges and examples of information visualisations. This was followed by a breakout session during which participants engaged in a scenario exercise about data access and visualisation in 2020, and the session concluded with the presentations of each of the groups, and with a video of an information visualisation prototype that was developed by Experientia.

A video of the Lifestream workshop (and of many other workshops) can also be found on the Klewel website. On Flickr you can see about 40 photos of the workshop.

The actual presentation file and the prototype video will soon be uploaded on the Experientia site and announced here.

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