Mobile services in the developed world are a bit behind

Low-income banking
Paul Lamb reflects on the dire state of mobile services in America:

In Japan it is not uncommon for people to make everyday purchases using only a cell phones. A variety of secure mobile technologies alowing for easy transfer of money from one’s bank account or credit card to retailer have existed for some time. The trend is catching on in the developing world as well, where those who do not have bank accounts or credit cards can move or store money and credits via cell phones. A good review of some current M-banking and M-remittance services in the developing world can be found here.

In reading recenly about a bank sponsored program to help the “unbanked” poor in San Francisco open up banking accounts, I was struck by how far behind the curve we seem to be in America in leveraging the same mobile opportunities that are coming online around the globe.

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  1. Pondering the mobile innovation divide…

    Vanderbeeken has an interesting post up on Putting People First today, one that made me think about the possible reasons why mobile services and application areas in the developed world (read the United States) are a bit behind the rest…

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