New network for user-driven innovation in Denmark

Copenhagen tower
A network of companies, designers, researchers and organisations are joining forces to write a script covering user-driven innovation. The purpose is that in the future, other players may utilise the pilot project’s experiences, writes Denmark’s daily business paper Børsen (and made available in English through Copenhagen Capacity).

The trade organisation Dansk Erhverv will carry out the pilot project together with i.a. Danske Designere, Dansk Design Center, Odgaard Consult, Gemba Innovation and the Capital Region of Denmark.

According to managing director at Danske Designere, Steinar Valade-Amland, the innovation project is special because it is the first time that all parties in a user-driven innovation process, including researchers, respond to a more thorough formulation of a problem.

At the moment 16 design companies and 13 trade and service companies have shown interest. And they include everything from communication design agencies to industrial designers as well as IT, transport, retail companies and consultancy companies.

The common link for the participating companies is that they all need a designer to assist in the innovative thinking of their product and business development. The primary focus is on service and the support functions, relates Steinar Valade-Amland.

The pilot project is expected to start in May and last approximately one year.

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