It’s been a couple of years ago since Philips launched their “Sense and Simplicity” slogan. With this slogan Philips tries to underline their goal to design products that are easy to use and understand.

But what is simplicity? Recently, Philips has launched the online LiveSimplicity forum, on which people have a chance to tell what simplicity means to them. And to discuss about it with others.

According to the site, “maybe one day we’ll find all the solutions” to this question.

(via Bruce Nussbaum and SteveWeb)

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  1. […] Due anni fa Philips ha introdotto lo slogan: “Sense and Simplicity” per sottolineare il proprio obiettivo di realizzare un design di prodotti facili da utilizzare e da capire. Ma cos’è la semplicità? Recentemente Philips ha lanciato un forum on line “Live Simplicity” per discutere sul significato di semplicità. […]

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