Play Today – an Experientia report on the latest trends in electronic toys and games

Play Today - current trends in electronic toys and games - by Experientia
Over the last few months, Experientia, the experience design consultancy, has been exploring the latest trends in electronic toys and games and gathered the results in a small internal report.

Rather than just keeping it all for ourselves, we decided to upgrade the report into an external document, which is now publicly available.

Report author Myriel Milicevic (who worked with editors Jan-Christoph Zoels and Mark Vanderbeeken, both Experientia partners), introduces the report as follows:

Technology is not just propelling the adult world, its forces have also set a driving spin on the worlds of toys and fantasy.

How will our children’s development change as they journey into life, softly wrapped within responsive illuminated blankets? How different will their perceptions be of themselves and their world, from the ones that we once had about ourselves and our world?

This is not an exhaustive document. It merely tries to gather some observations of what is out there, what the masterminds of the toy industry are cooking up, what makes kids and adults go crazy, and how the small rebel players in the game try to break the rules and make up their own.

Feedback is warmly welcomed.

Download report (pdf, 4.7 mb, 71 pages)
(updated link)


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