Residences for the elderly that feel just like home [Newsweek]

It seems so obvious: let people age the way they have lived. Today, finally, it’s beginning to happen. From upscale residences in California to family-size nursing homes in Mississippi, living facilities for the elderly are undergoing an architectural and cultural makeover: big, sterile institutions are out, small, homey environments in.

The need has never been greater. Today 35 million Americans are over the age of 65—by 2030, that number is expected to double. As baby boomers age into sixtysomethings, the demand for civilised living will only intensify.

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  1. “A Movement and a Legacy”

    We, the current society, are the first in the history of the world to experience our elder generations in such quantities. Our world is changing rapidly to address the various needs for this phenomena. The caregivers, service providers, product developers and others involved are increasing in numbers daily, becoming much more than a small market niche.

    The way we care for and treat our older members of society is growing into a movement. This movement is creating better quality, more options, and extending our elders’ independence in ways thought unimagineable only a few decades ago.

    We are creating a legacy of how our seniors should be treated in today’s society.

    How will this society’s legacy be judged in the future?

    What legacy do you want to leave your children?

  2. Thanks to Newsweek for addressing this growing need and the innovative solutions provided by Vista View in Paso Robles, California. My agency, Senior Living Consultants of San Luis Obispo, California has worked closely with the staff at Vista View. We can personally attest to their kind, professional care. The concept when utilized in this fashion is what many have been seeking. Thanks again, to all.

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