What do service designers do?
Designing for Services in Science and Technology-Based Enterprises was an interdisciplinary research project (2006-2007) initiated by Saïd Business School (SBS) at the University of Oxford.

The study explored how academics, service designers, and science and technology entrepreneurs understand the designing of services in science and technology-based enterprises, and featured three case study projects in which service designers helped early stage science and technology enterprises (re)design their services.

The companies involved were:

The project website has just been updated with some valuable downloads:

a short film following the service design and innovation consultancy live|work working with personalised medicine company g-Nostics.
The film follows the designers as they go through some of their process, and finds that service designers do three things that distinguish their work from that of others. Firstly, the designers looked at the human experience as a whole and in detail. Secondly, they made the service tangible and visible. Finally, they created service concepts.

a publication bringing together insights from a range of disciplinary perspectives;
Particular focus is on the practices of an emerging discipline of service design grounded in the arts and humanities. Three case studies in which service design companies worked with science and technology-based enterprises are discussed.

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  1. […] Service Design seems to be getting more and more attention these day. UK's Design Council has launched a new programme known as Public Services By Design, while the Netherlands recently hosted a Service Design conference. The idea of service design has been around for a while: IDEO has been doing it for years, and NextD's similar concept of design leadership is also nothing new. However, there are some other consultancies coming to the fore such as Live|Work (case studies) and Engine Group (case studies). It's also becoming especially relevant as science and technology drive more and more companies. Saïd Business School (SBS) at the University of Oxford also have online their results from their study into “Designing for Services in Science and Technology-Based Enterprises”. (Via Putting People First) […]

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