Jumping jack flash – new forms of interactions

My Experientia business partner and friend, Jan-Christoph Zoels, is one of the main speakers at LIFT 07, a conference that starts today in Geneva, focused on the “challenges and opportunities of technology in our society”.

In his talk tomorrow entitled “Jumping jack flash – new forms of interactions“, Jan-Christoph will present “some key trends and design ideas for our interactions with devices, services or applications”.

“As more and more devices support location-aware, contextual or rich media, how will we interact with them, choose content, navigate or connect multiple sources of information? The presentation explores gestural, haptic and other sensorial interfaces for a variety of applications. The success of Nintendo’s Wii game controller exemplifies the migration of traditional task-based interfaces into the realm of explorative and entertaining interactions. What will the poetic interfaces of tomorrow be?”

Other speakers include Robert Scobble, vice president of media development at Podtech; Régine Debatty of we-make-money-not-art; Stefana Broadbent, head of User Adaption Lab at Swisscom; Jan Chipchase, principal scientist at Nokia Research Center; Bruno Giussani, writer; and Sister Judith Zoebelein, editorial director of the Internet Office of the Holy See; to name just a few.

Tom Hume’s notes on Jan-Christoph’s talk
Jan-Christoph Zoels : quelles nouvelles formes d’interaction ? French summary by Daniel Kaplan
Audio interview of Jan-Christoph Zoels by Nicole Simon


  1. It seems like a very interesting presentation but I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it to the conference. Will it be made avaiable as article or video so we can comment on its content?

  2. […] Nel corso della conferenza LIFT 07 a Ginevra, Jan-Christoph Zoels, partner di Experientia, ha tenuto un discorso intitolato “Jumping Jack Flash” in cui ha approfondito le tendenze e le idee di design per le nostre interazioni con strumenti, servizi e applicazioni. Un significativo esempio del cambiamento in atto nelle interazioni di esplorazione e di intrattenimento è costituito dai comandi del gioco Nintendo Wii. […]

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