The State of User Research Report 2020

The State of User Research 2020
UserInterviews asked over 300 user researchers globally what their research practices looked like, how their teams were laid out, and what they earned. The data gives us an excellent idea of best practices in the field.

The ethics of nudging

Philosophy Compass
No "knockdown" objection has appeared to date that should make us reject the nudge approach overall. At the same time, serious ethical concerns have emerged that should guide and inform discussions around whether and which particular nudge policies should be pursued, and, if so, how.

Designing for digital well-being

Smartphone attachment is so prevalent that the fear of being without a phone has a name: nomophobia, writes Elizabeth Churchill in Interactions. What can be done to manage such unhealthy attachments?

Co-design at the BBC

On 5 October Dan Ramsden and Simone Ferraro, resp. creative director and UX architect at the BBC, gave a talk at the 2019 Architecta summit. Simone just published the talk's transcript on enabling collaboration between interdisciplinary teams.

[Book] Too Smart

In Too Smart, Jathan Sadowski looks at the proliferation of smart stuff in our lives and asks whether the tradeoff - exchanging our personal data for convenience and connectivity - is worth it. Who benefits from smart technology?